So having dipped our toes back into the magic of the movies we decided to take on the big one; The Gallery.


Child #2, me and Husband decided to meet from work and attend a teatime showing of a new horror movie, but this would be no ordinary movie screening, this time we would be sampling the delights of The Gallery.

Using a 2 for 1 offer we got the tickets a bit cheaper, we were directed straight to the lifts and the 3rd floor. We exited the lift into a peaceful lounge area and were greeted by a member of staff who explained the workings of The Gallery which was all simple and straight forward.



One wall is a picture window looking over the rooftops, you can just make out the river in places. There’s various seating from sofas to snug style seating and tables and chairs.

The layout of the food area is simple and accessible. Basically grab a specially shaped tray and tip in a bag of nachos which have been kept warm in a heated cabinet. I think there are too many nachos in the bags as we lost quite a few over the sides of the tray.








Next you can add salsa, jalapenos and lashings of warm cheese sauce.Shuffling along the counter we helped ourselves to soft drinks and sat in the bar to eat.

The nachos were crispy and warm and with the addition of the toppings, were very much enjoyed by all. By the time we’d finished and all made a trip to the very clean loo, (which is just off the bar, easily accessible due to you getting to the floor by lift) to wash our cheese coated fingers it was time for the movie.


On our way in we made our choice between salted or sweet popcorn which was ready boxed and kept in another warming cabinet, we were called back by the barman who asked if we wanted to take any Quality Street chocolates in with us, he pointed us towards a huge box of chocolates and invited us to take our fill.

The top two rows of the auditorium were dedicated to Gallery ticket holders. There was plenty of leg room and the seats were double seats so if you came to watch a movie with your other half there was plenty of snuggle room. The rail in front of the seats meant the people in the seats below were out of our view so we felt like we were the only people in the cinema.

As we’d come to the cinema straight from work we thought we would be really getting stuck in to the nachos and popcorn as we were all hungry when we arrived but having had some of each and a few sweets thrown in as a bonus we were completely stuffed.

The Odeon description of the Gallery; Enjoy extra wide seats with added leg room, unlimited popcorn, nachos and soft drinks and of course a fantastic view from your own area of the cinema.

What they say is what you get, it’s simple. It is expensive but for a special treat or if you use the 2 for 1 ticket offers it is more affordable. If you do usually buy all the foodie trimmings and have a good appetite then it could well be cheaper than a normal cinema visit for you.

Would we go back? Yes, we all said we would but it would not be for every cinema visit due to the cost.

The Odeon, Liverpool One

14 Paradise Street

Liverpool L1 8JF

0333 014 4501

Written by Scouse Momma

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