I don’t know about you but I love Halloween, I like to put a few decorations around just to let Trick or Treaters know they’re welcome to knock  at our house. Getting into the ‘spirit’ of things on Halloween can be cheap and easy. Here’s some ideas that you could put together yourself or you could supervise the kids.

Spooky Eyes; This is so easy and effective. Take a toilet roll middle or kitchen roll and cut out some spooky eye shapes. Put a glow stick inside and bung each end of the tub with paper so th light only shows through the eye holes. Once dark place around the garden.

Bottled Bodies; Another easy project, just pop doll parts into jars and fill with water adding some green food colouring.

Ghostly Fridge; only really works with a white fridge

Head in a Jar; Put a rubber mask in a glass jar, add water and when its dark add a glow stick.

Pumpkin Light shade; Don’t place the plastic pumpkin directly over a light bulb (for obvious fire hazard reasons). Be sure to place it over the existing wall light cover.


Milk/Water container Witches;

To make the witch heads you need

Large milk or water containers,

black bin bags,

cheap with hat,


a washer, same size as opening in the milk carton

green craft paint

black sharpie

Make sure the milk container is completely dry. Squeeze the green craft paint inside, put the lid on and shake to coat the inside. Leave the lid off to allow to dry, keep giving the remaining paint a swirl round. Drying may take a day or two. Once dry poke a  hole big enough for the wire to pass through the middle of the bottom of the milk carton, make a hole in the witches hat just big enough for the wire to fit through.

Slit the bun bag up one side and fold the bag in half. Place bag on top of the witches head to form her hair ( this would be the bottom of the carton which is now upside down) and glue the hair in place.

Once dry push the wire through the hat, down into the hole you made in the carton and out of the neck, use the washer to secure the wire by placing it over the hole and twisting it into place. Make sure you leave enough wire at the top of the hat so you can hang your witch. Cut the bin bag into strips to form the hair. Use the sharpie to make the face.

Pumpkin Vomit; Carve a small pumpkin and either make or buy dip and arrange. Salsa would also look very effective.

Pineapple Heads; Carving Pineapple heads instead of pumpkin is very fashionable at the minute. Don’t carve too close to the skin on the side you’re putting the face so it holds its shape.


Many ideas from Smart School House

Written by Scouse Momma

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