Forgetfulness is embarrassing and frustrating at the best of times and affects us all to some degree but ‘Brain Fog’ with the menopause is pretty much ongoing for some considerable time. I can’t tell you how long it last for because it’s still happening to me.

Our house for the past few years has been a bit like ‘Give Us A Clue’. If you’re menopausal then I’m guessing you’re old enough to remember that old game show.

I sit down in the living room and ask the family, ‘Who’s seen the little box with the buttons on for turning over the TV?’

‘Where’s the car things?’

‘What car things?’

‘You know the CAR THINGS?!’

‘I have no idea what the car things are’

‘Oh for Gods sake, the things I need for the car!!’

‘I don’t know what they are’.


‘You have the car keys in your hand’.

‘Thank you’.

I spend ten minutes searching for my glasses which are perched on my head.

Chatting on my phone whist having that feeling of dread because despite frantically searching, I can’t find my phone.

Sat having a cup of tea and decide to treat myself to a biscuit to dunk.  Go into the kitchen and for no reason at all open the fridge. Horrified at the state of the fridge.  Clean said fridge and feel happy. Go back into the living room and see cold tea and remember I only went in the kitchen for a biscuit.

The list is endless.  The other thing I’ve discovered is my amazing ability to mix up my words.

Remember Stanley Unwin – I think he’s channelling through me.

‘I’m just popping to the mupersarket’. – really?

‘The fogs need deeding’.

Honestly it rolls off my tongue perfectly, so much so that me and the person I am speaking to usually stop and look at each other – ‘Did you just say…?’

At first I would get really cross with myself now I just laugh, I’m hoping it will pass, eventually

Written by Scouse Momma

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