A random day off work so me and Husband decide to catch a movie we’ve been wanting to see. We chose the 11am showing so jump the bus into the city centre. Husband asks, ‘Are we on a date?’ which makes me laugh, compared to the younger people of today who have a date night we have a date morning. If we’re not in bed watching TV by 7pm we’re asleep on the sofa with the TV on.

So off we go on our impetuous date morning.  The cinema is fairly quiet which doesn’t surprise me as I would imagine most people are either in work or still having breakfast.

We decide to push the boat out and go for the IMAX. There are self-service ticket machines but we go to the staffed desk and the woman who assists us is lovely. She explains the tickets are allocated seating and makes suggestions as to where she thinks we would be best sitting for the best cinema experience. We’re running a bit late so bypass the sweets and treats– horror!

As we run through the foyer its striking how clean and shiny the place is. There’s so much going on here but we don’t have time to take it all in. The guy who checks our tickets is very warm and welcoming and points us in the direction of the lifts or escalator to get to screen 12.

As we enter the cinema its quite dark and before our eyes can adjust we think we might be the only people here but we become aware of one other couple – another older pair on a date morning too by the looks of things.  Couple three join us soon after and these are older again so I can only imagine they are coming to the end of their date breakfast!


The screen is huge although not as big as some of the IMAX I’ve seen but nonetheless impressive, the sound system is all consuming. The size of the screen and the surround sound has me completely immersed in the action and I suddenly must cover my eyes as an aircraft begins to spin out of control and I feel I might be struck with motion sickness. Having fought the war and saved the day we leave our seats to head back to reality. As we leave a member of staff is waiting to clean the cinema, he thanks us and bids us farewell.

As we reach the foyer we now have time to look around to see what’s on offer. The foyer area is huge but is well designed to give you a central, general traffic area and along each side wall there are different hubs offering an assortment of delights. There’s a Costa with full seating area, Ben and Jerrys with not one but two freezers full of tempting ice cream flavours. Of course, there’s the obligatory pick and mix sweets as well as a counter selling hot snacks, drinks, pre-packaged sweets and crisps. There’s amusements, massage chairs and games. The place is extremely clean, there’s lots of lights and neon and its gives you a sense of excitement and anticipation, it’s almost an amusement/fairground type of feeling.


I don’t come to the cinema often. When I hear of a film that catches my fancy I fully intend to go but just never get around to it. When I do come I’m pretty confused as to why I’m not here all the time. I love the whole experience, the smell of the place as you enter, a warm buttery popcorn smell.

The flashing lights and neon all make me feel like a child again and then there’s the anticipation, sitting in your seats and the tingle in your toes as the lights go down and the music starts.  I love the cinema, these days it is expensive for a couple of hours of entertainment, I know you must consider what goes into making the movies in the first place and the expenses of the cinemas but for the ordinary man on the street it is expensive. I think the next time a film catches my fancy I will make the effort to watch it in the cinema, you never know we might make it a late date and chose and afternoon showing next time.


Odeon Liverpool One

14 Paradise St, Liverpool L1 8JF



Written by Scouse Momma

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