I’m not sure how we resisted for so long but we finally made a trip to dessert heaven, Kaspa’s.

The place reminds me of a 1950’s American style establishment, booths, pink, black and glitter – don’t forget the glitter. Toilets are on the ground floor, very clean and sweet smelling.

We arrived just as they’d opened on Saturday morning, 11.30am.

Breakfast and lunch is brunch but what about when the meal is pudding – ‘brunning?’, ‘prunch?’

Hmm I think I like prunch, seems to say it all. Whatever it is it’s a bit naughty as well as very indulgent.

So, Husband, Special Friend (SF) and I study the menu like there’s a test to follow. There’s so much to choose from and everything looks so good.

I finally decide on a Banana Sundae Split £6.50, husband on a PeanutButter Choc waffle £6.50 and SF Fruit Sorbet £6.50. You order at the counter, this area is sparkling and there’s a chiller cabinet with cake and more cake on display. I’m sure this is meant to drive you to despair, you’ve taken so long to make your selection and now, here at the till, ready to order, you’re thrown into turmoil again with the added complication of cake!

We also had a coffee £1.90 and a milkshake – this was another trauma due to the large choice, £3.95 and a large latte that was topped with whipped cream, £2.40.

Once you stagger back to your seat under the weight of pudding, coffee and milkshakes the fun begins.

Presentation is good, the deserts look really tempting and just like the pictures on the menu. They are a good size and everything tastes fresh. The coffee was good, flavoursome and hot.  The milkshake was OK, very thick with lots of ice cream but the flavour was mild, it could probably have done with extra flavour in the form of syrup or fresh fruit maybe? If I have a strawberry milkshake I like it to be blow your head off strawberry. Husband very much enjoyed his waffle which was freshly made, the banana was very fresh. SF said the Sorbet was good but they were missing a couple of the flavours usually included, she was told this at the time of ordering, but it would have been better with them. It was piled with fresh fruit and looked cool and refreshing.

There is absolutely no point whatsoever coming here if you are going to check calories, I guess you could have a black coffee but why torture yourself? You have to throw yourself into the idea of fat, carbs and utter indulgence and you ‘ll have a great time.

Overall, we had a very enjoyable, indulgent time. It’s not something we’d do on a regular basis as its not particularly cheap – never mind the calories! It’s something we’d do as a treat, a way of marking a little celebration. Our wallets and waistlines couldn’t stand it too often. But will we go back, Oh yes.


3A Crosshall St, Liverpool L1 6DQ

0151 236 8320


Written by Scouse Momma

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