In this day and age I am always moved to tears by the selflessness of others. At times, the world we live in is pretty shitty so when people come along and ask for nothing and give freely it gives us all hope that humanity is alive and well and compassion for others hasn’t gone out of fashion.

This is particularly evident at times such as today’s event in the City, the Scouse 5k raising precious funds for Clatterbridge.

Clatterbridge is close to the hearts of thousands of Merseysiders either personally or through the experience of a loved one. Its a place of joy and relief and of despair and resignation.

On a bright and reasonably warm Sunday morning in October when sensible people were enjoying that Sunday morning lie in or preparing the traditional full English these cape-less heroes were donning their trainers, mad wigs and setting off on the ‘flat course’ of the 5k. I’m not sure what dictates a hill as there were some very steep slopes on this run.

The participants had two legs, four legs, four wheels, some were even motorised. However they got around the course they did it with grace and humour – not that you could do it any other way in those wigs!

Volunteers abound at occasions like this and work very hard to make such events run smoothly and without a glitch. We also saw the amazing Balata, who are so charitable and community minded and support so many causes in the City.

The morning was full of strangers cheering on strangers, smiles abounding. It was a humbling experience and made you glad to be alive.

I salute each and everyone of you, your determination and commitment and your act of kindness will not go unrewarded. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves.








Written by Scouse Momma

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