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Halloween Decorations

I don’t know about you but I love Halloween, I like to put a few decorations around just to let Trick or Treaters know they’re welcome to knock  at our house. Getting into the ‘spirit’ of things on Halloween can be cheap and easy. Here’s some ideas that you could put together yourself or you… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and the #ECHOScouse5k

In this day and age I am always moved to tears by the selflessness of others. At times, the world we live in is pretty shitty so when people come along and ask for nothing and give freely it gives us all hope that humanity is alive and well and compassion for others hasn’t gone… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and Slim’s Pork Chop Express

An impromptu evening out with Child #1 took us to Slim’s Pork Chop Express on Seel Street. The bar is downstairs and there’s a few tables here but the main part of the restaurant and the kitchen are upstairs. The whole restaurant is cosy and casual. The loo is downstairs too, very clean and large… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and Kaspa’s Dessert’s

I’m not sure how we resisted for so long but we finally made a trip to dessert heaven, Kaspa’s. The place reminds me of a 1950’s American style establishment, booths, pink, black and glitter – don’t forget the glitter. Toilets are on the ground floor, very clean and sweet smelling. We arrived just as they’d… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and My Children

I was quite young when I had my children, just 22 when I had Child #1 and at the end of my 23rd year when I had Child #2 so there;s only 21 months between them. In a lot of ways it was hard work, you just get the older one sleeping through the night… Read more »