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Scouse Momma and Halloween

The origins of Halloween are said to date back to an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain (pron. Sowin). Celts, who lived 2000 years ago in Ireland, the UK and Northern France, celebrated their new year on 1st November. This marked the end of the harvest and the summer and was the start of winter time… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and Slim’s Pork Chop Express

An impromptu evening out with Child #1 took us to Slim’s Pork Chop Express on Seel Street. The bar is downstairs and there’s a few tables here but the main part of the restaurant and the kitchen are upstairs. The whole restaurant is cosy and casual. The loo is downstairs too, very clean and large… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and The Odeon Gallery Liverpool One

So having dipped our toes back into the magic of the movies we decided to take on the big one; The Gallery.   Child #2, me and Husband decided to meet from work and attend a teatime showing of a new horror movie, but this would be no ordinary movie screening, this time we would… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and Lucha Libre

The Husband and I decided to eat out for Sunday lunch for a change and settled on Lucha Libre in Wood Street. It’s a ‘cool dude’ kinda place but you wouldn’t feel out of place no matter what your age. Its casual with funky music which doesn’t necessarily match the Mexican theme but its toe… Read more »

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Scouse Momma at Lush Spa

I recently took No 1 Child for a bit of quality mum and daughter time to Lush Spa in Liverpool city centre for a ‘Tailor Made’ treatment. Its recommended that you arrive about 10 minutes before your booked time but in our enthusiasm, we arrived a bit too early. This didn’t faze the staff and… Read more »

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Scouse Momma at Lee Dynasty

One of my favourite cuisines is Chinese. Eating in or taking away I really don’t mind. A particular favourite place of mine is the Lee Dynasty. It used to be call the Overseas but changed its name a while ago. If we’re having a take away we will often order from here as they deliver… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and The Tavern

I love The Tavern, the bare brick walls covered in eclectic displays of memorabilia of no particular focus except Americana. The flashing arrow and neon food sign remind me of a prop from BeetleJuice, and there’s the model train that runs along the almost ceiling high track. I’ve eaten Sunday breakfast at The Tavern more… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and IMAX Liverpool One

    A random day off work so me and Husband decide to catch a movie we’ve been wanting to see. We chose the 11am showing so jump the bus into the city centre. Husband asks, ‘Are we on a date?’ which makes me laugh, compared to the younger people of today who have a… Read more »

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Scouse Momma and The Hub

  We were looking for somewhere for a midweek family celebration and decided to put The Hub through its paces. We’d been looking for somewhere that could easily accommodate our group of 25 with a variety of foods to suit the different age groups. A few places made the grade but the deciding factor for… Read more »